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How to educate your team about recycling

So you’re thinking about your new initiative, and now you’re wondering: how can I educate my team about recycling?

Firstly, make sure management are on board. Enable those who help run your space have their say – that’s your facility managers, property managers, waste service providers, and cleaners, who oversee the day-to-day of your waste management and will be instrumental in positive change.

Good staff knowledge is a necessity for success. We would recommend involving your employees as early as possible; this way they’ll have a clear, ongoing idea of what’s happening and why your space is changing. Successful communication is required for a successful recycling initiative, in regards to what’s expected of staff, what the environmental impact of your new system is, and what more you could be doing.

The basics

Be clear with the instructions for your recycling system. To be most effective when starting out, we would suggest clear and consistent messaging in your educative signage. Inducting your staff could be helpful too, with a powerpoint presentation for your staff to empower them to fully understand how to use and utilise your new recycling bins.

Questions to ask yourself:

- Do my team understand the main features of my recycling system?

- Can they open and close the bins?

- Are they happy with your approach to recycling?

Could you hold lunch-time talks, meetings or information sessions about how to reduce your waste? Also, if you have elected to use precyclers in place of individual desk bins, educate your staff on how they can efficiently use them.