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Introducing the HD Connector

Say hello to our latest product

What is it?

The Heavy Duty Connector seamlessly locks your Method Recycling Station in place, giving you the ability to connect your bins back-to-back, in a line, or even mount them to a wall. Simple to attach to your existing bins without need for modification, this product comes with a matte-black aluminium finish that blends in so your bins can stand out.

It’s a feat of engineering that we’re proud of.

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Who does it work for?

Our HD Connector works most effectively for large facilities and high-flow environments – large offices, airports, museums, universities, and more – but can be used in any size of space.

What are its benefits?

Due to its strong clamp system that works to lock your bins in order, cleaners no longer need to realign or move bins after servicing them – saving time and money for your business.

Have a station of five or more recycling bins? The HD Connector Expansion Kit joins two HD Connectors (2 Station or 3 Station) together, enabling you to extend it to suit your needs.

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The design process

Customer insights told us that a stronger connector would be beneficial for the experience of our 60L Office Recycling Bins. We needed something that would not fall off, or be easily disconnected if there was a collision or a knock, and that could be easily assembled by an office manager.

So, our product development team got to work. From 13 possible designs, they managed to achieve four possibilities. Characteristics they were looking for in the design process were things like ensuring there was a comfortable ergonomic grip when securing bins together. Would the Connector be placed on the back of the bins or the side?

The final prototype had been engineered to minimise material, so as not to be wasteful. It was also changed from a silver colour of the aluminium material to a more Method matte black.

How to buy

Think you’d like an HD Connector for your space? Shop online or get in touch with a knowledgeable business development manager here.

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Read more from our co-founder Steven Korner about designing success with the HD Connector.

Complete the system and get your HD Connectors

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