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Introducing Recycling 101 - Making educating your staff on recycling easy

Receive a monthly recycling education article that can be shared with your team

One of the hardest parts about getting recycling right in a workplace setting is employee engagement. While most of us recycle at home, the numbers drop at work as they’re not connected to the outcomes of not recycling, eg. increased waste bills or more trips to the curb.

Once you have your recycling infrastructure set up for success, we know that communication and education are powerful tools for changing individuals' behaviours, and making them more conscious of their impact.

In fact, research shows - “The amount and nature of information about recycling conveyed by organizations (i.e. organizational commitment ) is more important to individual recycling behaviour than simply knowing whether or not a recycling program exists for the organization.”

So that's where our Recycling 101 programme comes in; a carefully curated collection of articles that you can share with your team. Specifically, we will send a new article out each month that you can share with your team. Sending them one-by-one will increase the likelihood of engagement, build a foundation of knowledge and keep recycling and their habits front of mind.

This helps them to learn more about the foundations of recycling while demonstrating your organisation is committed to making a difference. The impact of communications are even more powerful if it comes from management.

They could be included in:

  • Company newsletters
  • Slack messages
  • CEO updates

Sign up for Method Recycling 101 here, and we will send you a new article once a month starting in January 2022. We’ll even include a summary of the article that you can copy and paste into your chosen platform.

Or, sign up for yourself, this informational series is beneficial for anyone interested in building their foundation of recycling knowledge - whether you have Method bins or not.

Recycling 101 will cover:

  1. Why recycle
  2. Recycling terms glossary
  3. What do the plastic codes mean?
  4. Recycling myths
  5. Common mis-recycled Items
  6. Contamination & wish-cycling
  7. The hierarchy of waste & zero waste
  8. Buy this, not that (supermarket swaps)
  9. The Circular economy
  10. Recycling collection types
  11. Why compost?
  12. What is bioplastic? Compostable vs biodegradable

This is just the start, and we will continue to add to keep your team up to date.

Other topics you or your team are interested in? Send us a message; we’d love to hear them!

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