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Xero - Customer Profile

Beauty is what makes Xero stand out.

But, there’s more to it than meets the eye. The attractive cloud-based accounting software has been changing behaviours since its launch in 2006, making life simpler and more efficient for small business owners.

It’s this emphasis on the pairing of beauty and efficiency that propels the design of Xero’s new Wellington office, which brings together 650 employees on the corner of Taranaki and Wakefield Street.

An atrium staircase visibly makes a difference to the space, connecting the building’s five floors and inspiring movement. Their team needed beautiful office recycling bins and posters for each of these levels, and here they found Method.

Method bins are easily moved around the office space, making it simple to change where the bins are placed based on feedback from staff.

Sarah Reading, Facilities Manager at Xero

With an ever expanding company and floor plan, Method’s flexibility allows Xero to adapt their freestanding recycling stations to go where they’re most needed. As waste streams evolve, they can easily add recycling bins without having to modify their office space.

What advice would Xero give to a business wanting to implement their own recycling system?

“Involve staff and start a green team early on to help with your internal communications strategy,” says Sarah Reading. “This way everyone in the office feels involved and part of the bigger picture of what we’re trying to achieve through recycling.”

A beautiful solution for a beautiful modern workplace.

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