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New Zealand is good for the world.

New Zealand Trade & Enterprise (NZTE) exists for one purpose – to grow New Zealand businesses internationally, bigger, better, and faster.

With the New Zealand Government encouraging agencies to be more environmentally friendly, this organisation knew they needed to take the lead.

Method bins are strongly design-focused which fits well with NZTE’s culture, where customers are encouraged to use design thinking in their export journeys.

Lisa Mansor, Facilities Manager

NZTE needed a recycling solution that would complement their commitment to their country, which is why they decided to go with Method. Method's 60L Office Recycling Bins are designed and made in New Zealand and empower amazing results in a variety of environments.

Since the implementation of their Method Recycling Stations, NZTE has seen a wider discussion take place about their sustainability strategy and what corporate social responsibility means for a Government agency.

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