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60L Connector - 3 Bin

Attach to any three bin Method Recycling Station to lock your bins back-to-back, or in a line. It can also be used to mount your station to a wall.

The strong clamp system means your cleaners will no longer have to realign or move bins after servicing them, saving time and money for your business.

Dimensions: 1120 x 370 x 760 mm
Material: Matte-black aluminium

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The 3 Station Heavy Duty Connectors seamlessly integrates with your Method recycling station, and can be easily extended to encompass more bins.

HD Connectors are made for high-flow environments, keeping your recycling bins either locked in a line, mounted to a wall, or secured back-to-back for the ultimate freestanding experience. Bins can be beautiful, and so can their accessories. Our HD Connector is matte black and immaculately finished.

The connectors come in two sizes however they can easily be adapted to any size with the expansion kit.


  • Keeps bins in place - side-by-side, attached to a wall, or back-to-back
  • Beautiful matte black finish
  • Sturdy construction suitable for high-flow areas
  • Save time moving bins regularly
  • Simply add an Expansion Kit for bigger stations

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who collects the recycling and waste?

We don't provide the collection of waste, before making your purchase research waste providers in your area and what streams they collect and their collection schedule to find the best solution for you in your area.

How do I implement the Method system in my workplace?

We have developed resources and guides to help you through the process of starting your Method recycling journey. The Successful Recycling Guide will guide you step by step to implement your new recycling system.

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Method bins are easily moved around the office space, making it simple to change where the bins are placed based on feedback from staff.

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