How to Select a Waste Provider

How to Select a Waste Provider

In order for your Method system to be most effective, you’ll need to select a waste provider to remove your nicely sorted waste and recycling. We encourage you to do your research about waste providers in your area prior to purchasing your Method bins to ensure you select the right streams based on their requirements. For example, do they process mixed recycling or do the different kinds of recycling need to be source separated?

No two waste providers are the same and you may need to consider what your organisational priorities are, or use more than one. Here are the main factors we suggest you consider;

Understand Your Waste

To select the best waste provider you need to understand what streams of waste you produce at your facility and in what quantities. The more you know about your waste production the better you can implement the system, we suggest you complete a waste audit before purchasing any recycling bins.

If you find waste providers in your area do not have all of the streams you create, ensure that the provider you choose collects the streams you create the most of. Organics is often overlooked, however around one-third of the waste we send to landfill is food waste - so this is a great way to divert more.

If your organisation has multiple sites or locations, you may need to complete this process for each of them. Find out how to complete an in-house waste audit with our comprehensive guide here.

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Find Your Flow

No one wants waste sitting around longer than necessary or bins overflowing, so consider the areas where the bins are going to be placed, the amount of use and foot traffic this area gets, and how close the bins are to employees. This will help you decide whether you should be using open or touch lids, and how often they’ll need to be emptied.

We also suggest that you continue to re-evaluate your collection frequencies within the first few months of your new system in particular, as employees get used to the bins, and you find the best places for them.

Ongoing monitoring of your waste streams and consultations with staff, cleaners, facility managers and contractors will help you to create a collection schedule that works for everyone.


Know what is going on with your waste once it leaves your facility. Make sure your waste provider is transparent about how they process recycling and waste at their facility. For example, in the UK this may be a matter of deciding if you prefer a waste provider that uses waste incineration or landfill, whatever your decision, be sure to know how that fits into your sustainability goals and expectations.


As with any business relationship, ensure that your waste provider is going to be dependable - collect on time, deliver great customer service, provide competitive rates and report back to you.

Dependability is a two-way street, ensure you delve into your recycling contract and ensure that you understand, communicate and execute the environmental requirements of your waste provider before you make a decision. Once you have selected your waste provider it’s time to get started, let us help - read our Successful Recycling Guide.

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