Plastic Free July in the Workplace + Marketing Team Update

How to Reduce Plastic in Your Office

Eliminating plastic in a workplace can seem like an exceedingly difficult task, so start by focusing on eliminating particularly problematic forms of plastic. Such as polystyrene and soft plastics. You can learn more about the different types of plastics here. Here are some tips to get you started:

Replace plastic courier bags

Swap for cardboard envelopes, small cardboard boxes or compostable courier bags which are becoming increasingly popular and accessible. Here at Method, wherever possible we reuse packaging that we receive.

Of course, for our products, the packaging received a considerable amount of thought and design and even won a design award as it’s completely recyclable, minimalism and function. If you have a particular supplier who is constantly sending too much packaging ask them to reassess or look into other suppliers with a more sustainable outlook.

1 Method packaging hero

Reduce the need for single-use packaging

Most modern workplaces have kitchens making it easy to have chilled water available at all times reducing the need for plastic bottles. Make sure you have plenty of reusable cups, mugs and cutlery available. As a small office, we have a station set up by the door with containers that the team can grab on their way out to get sushi or takeaways reducing the amount of plastic coming into the office.

Conduct a waste audit

Waste audits are a good way to identify and action problematic waste types. This can be as simple as a visual assessment or as in-depth as a complete audit. Check out our Waste Audit resource here.

Here at Method, we only have weekly waste collections in HQ so the sustainability team weigh and visually assess the waste every week. This has meant that we have been able to target continuous issues and further improve our results.

More information on changing workplace behaviours check out these journals:

Marketing Team Plastic Free July Update

We’re a week into Plastic Free July so we thought it’s time for an update on how the Method Marketing team did on their personal plastic reduction goals.

Matt our Marketing Managers goals are to:

  • Remember his reusable coffee cup
  • Not purchase any produce in plastic
  • Avoid plastic wrapping (Ie. Clingfilm)


So its a week in and it's been up and down to be fair. A win was remembering my Keep Cup on Wednesday morning for a takeaway coffee pre offsite meeting. A loss was a couple of encounters I've had with a hot chicken and some apples. However, I realised the error of my ways and promise not to do it again! As for the cling film, that thing hasn't seen the light of day all July - come at me cling film.

Lee our Marketing Coordinators goals are to;

  • Not use any form of soft plastic
  • Not purchase any new plastic homewares
  • Post about #plasticfreejuly on her social media and encourage others to join


Well a week in, I have found relative success, realising that I’d eliminated a fair amount of the soft plastics in my life. I spent more time than usual shopping assessing alternative, my major downfall is one that’s consistent throughout my life - cheese. Other than that one week of abstaining from shopping isn’t too difficult, but there's still 3 weeks to go...

Nikolai our Graphic Designers goals are to;

  • Avoid soft plastics
  • Remember to carry his reusable coffee cup so he isn’t caught out


Easing up on plastic is seeming to be harder than trying to hold on to a diet. In general, I can survive a day to day, remembering to bring lunch in reusable contains and not accepting plastic from retailers when offered, but when going grocery shopping I’ve had to stop buying so many products that I habitually buy. Good buys are turning into goodbyes, so the biggest thing for me going forward is to remember to bring reusable contains when I pop to the supermarkets so I can get more bulk foods.

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