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60L Yellow Co-mingled Recycling

Suitable for: Glass, plastics, cans and paper
Volume: 60L
Dimensions: 350 x 350 x 755 mm

Please note that we're transitioning from the 'amber colour' to yellow, so this recycling bin will be a different colour than previously.


  • Black components - Polypropylene (at least 50% recycled materials). Fully recyclable
  • Lids - Polypropylene (fully recyclable)

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Color: Yellow
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To discuss large orders, please contact our sales + sustainability specialists here


Method’s 60L Recycling and Waste Bins are designed to form flexible recycling stations, to be placed throughout a space. The bins complement modern aesthetics with colour-coded lids and clear graphics that help users to accurately sort waste. The Amber Comingled Recycling Bin is used for plastic, cans, glass and paper.

Check with your local waste collection provider for what streams they collect, if paper needs to be separate, use the Mixed Recycling and separate Paper Recycling bins instead of the Co-mingled bin. Having Paper separate is also useful if you have a large amount of paper to recycle.

Visibly assert your commitment to recycling and sustainability

Features + Benefits

  • Flexible and adaptable: move or add streams easily as needed
  • Good looking bins that are visible without compromising aesthetics
  • Patented bag retainer system to lock liners in place and hide them from sight
  • Effectively changes recycling behaviours
  • Cost-effective compared to traditional options, read our desk bin vs Method case study here
  • Available with an open or touch lid

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who collects the recycling and waste?

We don't provide the collection of waste, before making your purchase research waste providers in your area and what streams they collect and their collection schedule to find the best solution for you in your area.

How do I implement the Method system in my workplace?

We have developed resources and guides to help you through the process of starting your Method recycling journey. The Successful Recycling Guide will guide you step by step to implement your new recycling system.

Is this product suitable for outdoor use?

The bins have been designed for an internal environment and so we advise against them being kept outside.

Where are the bins manufactured?

Method bins are made in New Zealand. They're made from polypropylene including 50% recycled materials. Best yet, the bins are fully recyclable at the end of their life - find out more here.

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Method bins are easily moved around the office space, making it simple to change where the bins are placed based on feedback from staff.

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