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How do I measure my recycling success?

It’s important to continually assess, measure, and monitor the success of your recycling initiative. Levels of waste diverted from landfill is the best way to define your progress.

Assessing, measuring and monitoring

It’s up to you how frequently you’d like to monitor your waste – monthly, bi-annually, or annually to correspond with your financial year. Conduct waste audits at this time and compare them to your initial report to track how far you’ve come towards your sustainability goals.

Regular checks

Ensure regular visual and data checks are made to the systems you have in place; this will help you see if there’s anything that is not working and requires a different solution. This way you can track indicators of your targets and keep your recycling stations looking aesthetically pleasing. You may wish to ask your waste or cleaning service provider to update you with data.

Keeping up to date

Has there been an update with your recycling system that needs to be reflected on your signage or posters? Can your posters be moved to reinvigorate interest? Hold monthly Green Team meetings to discuss blockers with your initiative, and obtain feedback on your processes.

Method Care

The bins should be cleaned regularly. Cleaning staff and waste management should have a contact on your site that they can communicate with should there be an issue.

What’s the best solution?

Once you’ve analysed your targets, you will need to decide what areas of your recycling initiative need improvement.

  • Would your recycling bins work better should they be located somewhere else?
  • Have your targets been achieved in certain areas?
  • Can your employees help decide where the bins should be with their feedback?
  • We implore you to be as transparent as you can with the results of your sustainability journey. Annual Reports are a great place to publicise performance achievements and outcomes.

Think intuitively

  • Has your recycling collection frequency worked or could it be fine-tuned?
  • Can you enhance training with staff to incorporate your recycling bins?
  • Make new targets – if you’ve succeeded with your targets, it’s time to engage employees to think bigger.

Can you increase your long-term goals?

Which resources might inspire you with new ideas for your sustainability journey? Can you implement Organics bins within your office to help you effectively divert your food waste from landfill?

Read the genuine recycling and waste data from Method HQ here.

There is such an amazing opportunity for organisations to make a substantial impact if we put the effort in to get it right now. Sustainable business practices are quickly becoming the norm, so take the opportunity now to be change-makers that are leading the way.

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