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Recycling and waste becomes simple

Using consistent bins with clear and colourful icons to enable better separation

Why choose the Method system?

1. Proven to increase recycling rates

Our bins have proven the ability to divert waste from landfill and increase recycling rates.

2. Increase awareness with a beautiful system

A visible and beautiful system of bins increases awareness and makes powerful behaviour change by making recycling an unconscious behaviour.

3. Made from recycled materials

Method's 60 and 20L bins are made of 50% and 80% recycled materials respectively; they're are also fully recyclable.

4. Made to fit any space

The 60L and 20L bins replace all convenient general waste bins for a consistent system across your space.

5. Hidden from sight bin liners

Two bin sizes means recycling fits in everywhere from large open plan spaces to smaller spaces such as meeting rooms.

6. Save time and money with an efficient system

Without desk bins to service and the reduced cost of waste disposal as you recycle more organisations save time, money and recyclables.

Method Sixty Litre Bins

Beautiful, colour-coded 60L bins that form flexible recycling stations to be placed consistently throughout a buildings large open plan spaces. Such as the office floor, event spaces, kitchens and foyers.

Method Twenty Litre Bins

Method's 20L recycling bins have the same beautiful colour coding as the 60L bins so you can implement a consistent system across your space to maximise recycling rates. The 20L bins are designed for smaller shared spaces such as boardrooms, kitchenettes, studios - or anywhere you'd find a lone general waste bin.

Signage & Education

Recycling can be confusing, help reduce contamination and increase your recycling rates with clear signage.

Customer Hero: Samson Corporation, Property Management

Samson have managing recycling and waste in their multi-tenanted buildings down to a fine art.

Customer Hero: Canva

Find out how Canva utilised the designer bins as they work towards some lofty sustainability goals.

Customer Hero: Sydney Cricket Ground

A historic sports ground with an innovative sustainability journey, find out how Method helped.

Reduce waste and liners

In addition to increasing recycling rates, the Method Twenty can help you to reduce the need for liners. It's designed with an in built easy-grip handle to make them easy to empty into a larger bin without having to change the liner.

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