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Recycling at Beach Haven Kindergarten

Method's 60L recycling bins have been praised for instilling a consciousness around recycling in children at kindergarten.

Kaitiaki: Guardians of our Planet

Beach Haven Kindergarten in Auckland, New Zealand, needed a creative way to teach good recycling habits to their children. An Enviroschool, with aims “to foster a generation of people who instinctively think and act sustainably," they have found talking to children about reducing, re-using and recycling beneficial for their broader sustainability plan.

Bright and clear, their Method Recycling Station – made up of Paper, Soft Plastics, Landfill, and Mixed Recycling, with organic waste put into their worm farm and compost – has inspired and allowed the children to take an active role in sorting their waste.

Beach Haven have significantly reduced the waste they produce, while also encouraging parents, and those who work there, to think about ways that they can reduce the packaging in their lunch boxes. Method have helped this kindergarten make a visible difference.

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