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Method Profile: Meet Dan

At Method, we aim to be forward-thinkers. That's why we hire the brightest minds and most inspiring sustainability advocates to help us reach our goals.

We like to introduce you to Team Method, introducing our newest member Dan Crawford. Joining Method as a Business Development Manager in Sydney, alongside Sebastian.

We asked him about his career so far, his motivators and what inspired him to move from fast-moving consumer goods to join Method.

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How did you come to your role at Method? What made you want to work for Method?

After investing a considerable amount of my career in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) I wanted a new challenge. Working for an ambitious start-up provides me with a new challenge where I will be rewarded with hard work, a fantastic product and a passionate, humble and focused team.

Having said that, more importantly, with Method I have the flexibility to be there and present for my family, which is why I go to work. As well as, improving the future for my children and make a difference in this world, which I do with every bin I sell.

Is there anything that would surprise people about what you do?

Leaving FMCG and believing I can take a big risk excited me, and shocked colleagues and friends at a point in my career where I had been offered a National Key account role. But when people know Method, use the bins and see what I am striving to achieve and playing my part in this world they get it. It is more than a job, it’s a way of life.

What’s your favourite thing about working as a Business Development Manager?

Its challenging, fast-paced, high energy and consultative selling which is engaging and rewarding. I am running my day as though it's my own business in the way I plan and sell. It’s great working in so many different markets, channels and businesses. Every day can bring different elements and challenges which makes the role varied and interesting.

Who or what has inspired you to get to this point in your career?

My brother is an advocate for change and is very passionate about making a difference in this world. Taking it upon himself to educate others and actively drive change. He constantly inspires me with his proactive approach and the importance to live for something bigger than me and to play my part in bringing about change.

Secondly, a close friend/mentor of mine who I hold immense respect for has inspired me to believe in myself, dream big, shaped the leader and person who I am today and has taught me so much about positive mindset and anything is possible if you believe it.

What are you most excited about for your future with Method?

Facilitating and enabling change through a beautifully created and functional product which is ever evolving. With Method, I am able to help businesses from all different sectors from offices to educational facilities to reduce landfill waste, drive sustainability and to facilitate the circular economy. All the while keeping Method at the forefront of the industry being a market and thought leader.

What inspired you about changing your waste management approach?

It was a combination of things that led me to make positive and effective changes. It started when I returned to Phi Phi island in Thailand after 3 years and seeing the previously pristine beach littered with rubbish. At my previous workplace, an EA came in and made sweeping changes such as removing single-use bottles and coffee cups, motivating (and forcing) us to make positive changes.

The War on Waste’ presented by the ‘Chasers’ Craig Reucassel was also a game changer for my family highlighted the impacts of poor waste and highlighted how easy it is to make sustainable changes. The kids even have 4oz keep cups for their babyccinos!

Finally, it was the local proactive Lake Macquarie council that implemented a 3 bin waste management stream in 2018 that included food waste to be able to go into the green (garden waste) bin and providing a little bin for the kitchen with compostable bags.

I have reduced my landfill waste by 75% and I am still working to reduce this.

What's one recycling tip or trick you have implemented?

The worm farm has been the stand out of what I have implemented at home in regards to reducing landfill and repurposing the food waste. It gets turned into compost for the community veggie patch that was created in our back laneway. It’s also been great to see the children getting excited and involved.

What does success look like for you?

For me, it's getting my clients, customers and those people I am fortunate enough to educate to have the same passion and enthusiasm as me. To ensure they want to do their part - not just for their corporate social responsibility or because it makes a good story.

I see myself becoming more involved in public speaking, a facilitator for change and educating workplaces to ensure success both at work and at home.

Where do you see the future of waste management?

The focus on waste management continues to grow. It’s one of the things that really excites me about working with Method, the value of what we do is going to continue to increase and become even more valuable.

Find out more about Dan on LinkedIn here.

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