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Recycling in Te Reo

Next week is Māori Language Week, a celebration of the language Te Reo.

In 2017 we customised labels for the Māori priest, artist and ecologist Peter Healy when he placed an order with us for the Pukekaraka Marae in Otaki, New Zealand.

I’ve had help from Para Kore (Māori for ‘without waste’) who’re trying to promote zero waste in Maraes. The Method bins plus their instructions have worked really well for my community.

What else has passionate environmentalist Healy been up to?

“Beside our Marae there’s a little hill, a Puke. I’m currently involved in a native tree restoration there. We’ll be planting 500 Native trees, slowly restoring it back to native cover,” Healy says. He’s being helped by a team of local adults, as well as thirty local school-children.

We created these labels translated into Te Reo to suit his needs. If you’re interested in a similar project with us, contact us here to find out more.

Te Reo