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Effective Recycling Stations for Education Providers

Method is a visible, flexible and beautiful recycling solution that can be found in facilities around the world. Including the Sydney Cricket Ground, Qantas, Foster + Partners and many more.

Method recycling bins can be found in universities across Australia and New Zealand as the adaptable recycling stations fit in with the open plan design of campuses. Method bins make recycling simple, as the colour-coded lids and graphics are visually effective at assisting users to separate waste.

As students continue to interact with the bins across campus they will learn to intuitively sort their waste without conscious thought. The colourful recycling stations are also easy to notice in a space, making users more aware of their waste habits and meaning less waste left on the floor of lecture halls and classes.

The HD connectors are designed for high traffic areas such as campuses, to ensure the bins are not moved or knocked over in high traffic areas.

With their signature 60L Recycling Bins Method pioneered the concept of Open Plan Recycling, bringing the recycling stations out in the open, changing the way people interact with waste. Visible recycling bins reinforce accountability, which Method found is a key component for progress.

Importantly, Methods bins become a visible statement of your commitment to sustainability, which is becoming increasingly important with younger generations.

Method was founded by husband and wife team Steven and India Korner when they were driving around New Zealand selling generic bins out of the back of a van. They saw businesses that were apathetic about recycling, and those who were trying to recycle but didn’t have the tools to be successful.

Uo M Cyclist University of Melbourne - Leaders in thought and action
Customer Profile

The University of Melbourne are leaders in thought and change - as pioneers of sustainability.

“We’re constantly doing talks, we put out posters, and we’ve got sustainability representatives in every faculty,” says Judith Alcorn, Waste Minimisation & Biodiversity Coordinator at the University.

Find out more about we helped them achieve their goals with effective recycling - even in the bathroom.


Check out our resources for practical advice on how to implement an effective recycling system in your space. Including the benefits of Open Plan Recycling.

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Map Your Initiative

Download our Successful Recycling Guide and it will guide you through the process of implementing a successful recycling solution in your workplace. Including;

  • Sharing Our Vision
  • Mapping Your Initiative
  • Implementing Change
  • Assessing, Measuring + Other Methods
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