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An Unparalleled IoT Waste Data Solution – Introducing Method InSight

A New Way to Track, Analyse, and Manage Your Organisation’s Waste

Since 2015, our award-winning bin system has made recycling beautiful, visible, and sustainable. But there was a missing piece to the waste reduction puzzle: reliable and timely waste reporting data. Over the past few years, we’ve worked rigorously to develop a robust tech solution to fill this crucial gap – and so InSight was born.

InSight is an IoT system that provides organisations with unparalleled access to accurate waste data. Each time a piece of rubbish is dropped into an InSight-enabled bin (whether landfill, plastics, or other streams), it is converted into meaningful data, making it easier than ever to understand, action, and achieve your waste reduction and reporting goals.

Method dashboard Bnz mockup With InSight Weight Sensors under each bin you get the bin-by-bin data to cut waste

How Method InSight Works

InSight is designed to measure the waste output of an organisation. The sophisticated system consists of four core components: 60L Method bins, weight sensors, data analysis, and the software.

Each sensor-enabled bin converts waste into meaningful data, accurate to within 100 grams. At only 4cm high, the weight sensor sits discreetly under each bin. No matter how many bins you have in a station, or how many stations you have across different floors, buildings, cities, or even countries, InSight will capture granular data from each and every bin to give you a detailed overview of your organisation’s waste.

The battery-powered sensor system runs off a single rechargeable battery per station, with each battery designed to hold charge for 6 - 12 months. To conserve battery life, data is sent to the cloud hourly; providing waste data in near real-time.

The InSight weight sensor is connected to the cloud via a secure LTE cellular network which means the device does not operate, or rely on, a building’s Wi-Fi network. Along with relevant security certificates, two-factor portal authentication, and obfuscation of device data, InSight offers superior IoT security.

By having a sensor connected to each bin, InSight enables flexible and accurate data analysis. It gives you the capability to dive deep into bin-by-bin, hour-by-hour data or zoom out for an overview across team, site, and company-wide levels.

Data is made accessible via a secure and user-friendly analytics portal. The portal makes it easy to visualise data, identify patterns and problem areas, and easily analyse and report on waste diversion wins. Data can also be shared transparently with staff and visitors via a team-facing dashboard. This dashboard can be set up as a digital display near the bin station, or online, to show your organisation’s waste performance. You can share total landfill diversion and weekly comparisons, a leaderboard to encourage gamification between teams, and rotating recycling tips to inform and engage.

Plus, the modular design of InSight means it can grow with your organisation’s changing needs. From a single bin, to many bins in a station, a simple connector joins units making it easy to expand your bin network and waste streams.

A9 O6792 Microsoft Auckland's mural wall to keep them engaged with their waste goal through Method InSight

Achieve Your Waste Goals

Experience unprecedented access to the waste management tools, granular data, and expert guidance you need to inspire behaviour change across your organisation and achieve your waste goals. From customisable signage at bin stations, to training resources, interactive employee activities, and engaging team-facing dashboards, InSight can encourage climate action in your workplace.

One of InSight’s interactive features is a leaderboard that adds an element of gamification to workplace waste diversion. The leaderboard lets you show how teams, tenants or locations are succeeding relative to each other and to your waste reduction goals. The spirit of friendly competition helps motivate behaviour change and raises awareness for your staff to waste less and recycle more.

As well as making waste diversion visible, reporting metrics on waste data will help you understand where recycling knowledge is in your team and how to gamify increased engagement. InSight enables you to report reliably and regularly on the progress of your waste diversion, identify problem areas, explore solutions, and create targeted education campaigns to meet your waste goals.

With mandatory climate-related financial disclosures phasing in from 2023, being able to confidently understand, manage, and report on an organisation's climate action metrics, is becoming more important than ever before.

Plus, having access to timely, transparent, and valuable waste reporting data across floors, buildings and countries, means you can demonstrate your commitment to waste diversion and help your organisation attain sustainability certifications.

InSight is an approved data provider for NABERS waste certifications (a respected industry-standard certification that utilises waste data to report on a building’s waste performance and environmental impact). Data generated by InSight makes satisfying requirements for green accreditations simple. Green building certification can provide value to your organisation by helping attract higher value tenants willing to pay for premium features, and research shows that tenants with cleaner, greener, and healthier workplaces have improved productivity and job satisfaction.

At Method, we understand that waste management data technology is new to the scene and data alone isn’t the answer. That’s why our Waste Success team is here to offer ongoing support on your waste reduction journey and help you interpret and leverage your InSight data. Our team of experts will set you up for success, streamline your processes, and give you the personalised advice you need to maximise your diversion rates and achieve your waste goals.

Ready to achieve your waste goals?

Method’s Founding

In 2011, co-founders India and Steven Korner had a vision and quit their day jobs to take a risk for an industry that needed reimagining. Being experts in product and graphic design, engineering, and the world of commercial leasing, they saw that many businesses wanted to implement recycling, but didn’t have the tools to do so effectively. Their mission was to create a visible, beautiful, and effective system of change – to enable organisations to make an impact through recycling and waste diversion. In 2015, after three years in concept design, Method launched their first 60L Office Recycling Bins in New Zealand, and have been full-steam ahead ever since. Read more about Method’s founding story.

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