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The way we design our workspaces has changed rapidly from closed offices and cubicles to open-plan spaces, but recycling and waste solutions remained the same. All the while, the focus on sustainable builds and business practices continue to rise.

Designers and specifiers have the power to code environmentally friendly practices into the design of buildings improving their green credentials and having a significant impact. That's where Method comes in, our beautiful bins are designed to be out in the open where they're most effective at helping organisations to recycle more, and waste less.

The benefits of a Method system include:

  • Method's bins feature a patented built-in bag retainer to lock the liners in place and hide them from sight to maintain the bins sleek lines
  • Recycling rates increase while contamination reduces
  • Saving time and money when organisations move from desk bins with fewer bins and liners to purchase and service
  • Reducing the cost of waste disposal as recycling rates increase
It is important to demonstrate a positive approach to reducing environmental impact... the visual element of Method’s bins has been effective in garnering support for the recovery process.

Sydney Cricket Ground - William Konya, Presentation Services Manager

001 Computer Aided Design (CAD) image of the Method 60L office recycling bin station

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Method Station Nz 3 B 0024 An example of a NZ Method recycling station

Customer Profile

Beauty is what makes Xero stand out, their business continues to grow.

With an ever-expanding company and floor plan, Method’s flexibility allows Xero to adapt their freestanding recycling stations to go where they’re most needed. As waste streams evolve, they can easily add recycling bins without having to modify their office space.

Find out more about the Method system at Xero here.


Specify the beautiful, behaviour changing bins in your next space