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Flexible Recycling Bins for Facilities

Method is a visible, flexible and beautiful recycling solution that can be found in facilities around the world. Including the Sydney Cricket Ground, Qantas, Foster + Partners and many more.

We often hear from Facility Managers that finding and implementing an effective recycling initiative into your facility can be a challenge. Generic bins are often ugly, and the recycling process can be confusing leading to poor adoption. Meanwhile, the whole process can be quite costly.

Method bins create a workplace recycling system that is simple but effective, and optimises the waste behaviours of all people within a facility effortlessly. The colour-coded lids and graphics are visually effective at assisting users to separate waste.

Method pioneered the concept of Open Plan Recycling with their signature 60L Office Recycling Bins, bringing the recycling stations out in the open, changing the way people interact with waste. Visible recycling bins reinforce accountability, which Method found is a key component for progress.

Further, Methods innovative system is cost-effective, having designated communal recycling stations instead of desk bins they take less time to service, use fewer bags, and you have to buy fewer bins. Not to mention the lower cost of waste disposal as you recycle more and waste less. Read this case study comparing desk bins to Method recycling stations and how much can be saved over the course of a year.

Method has also taken into consideration those who may resist the move away from desk bins and have designed Precyclers - a desktop waste solution that encourages separation of waste before they are emptied into communal bins.

Canva have found great success with their Method recycling system, it is effective at guiding users from all departments, and easily adapts with their needs. “Since finding Method, we now have a waste solution that complements our aesthetic, is clear to the team, neat and scalable for our fast-growing company,” says Shamal Singh, Canva’s Global Office Architect. “...the hospitality staff have also found the bins easy to clean, re-line and maintain.”

With Methods innovative design, bins become a visible statement of your commitment to sustainability. While the patented Bag Retainer system makes bin liners easy to change while maintaining a sleek appearance.

Method Recycling Bins at the Sydney Cricket Ground
Sydney Cricket Ground April 2018 7 2
Customer Profile

The Sydney Cricket ground attracts over 1.5 million visitors each year, and they believe it is important to demonstrate a positive approach to reducing environmental impact.

“Method bins satisfied the Sydney Cricket Ground’s needs and criteria with the added element of modern design.” - William Konya, Presentation Services Manager.

Find out more about how Method helped the Sydney Cricket ground implement an effective sorting system here.


Check out our downloadable resources that will ensure you implement an effective recycling system in your facility.

Including our Bin Placement Guide for how many bins we suggest for your space and why.

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Map Your Initiative

Download our Successful Recycling Guide and it will guide you through the process of implementing a successful recycling solution in your workplace. Including;

  • Sharing Our Vision
  • Mapping Your Initiative
  • Implementing Change
  • Assessing, Measuring + Other Methods
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