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Effective Source Separation with Method Recycling Bins

Method’s 60L Recycling + Waste Bins effectively help users to separate waste at the source. This reduces contamination meaning waste management providers are receiving recyclables with a higher value, that require less sorting.

Method’s innovative recycling stations close the loop for waste management providers, providing a full-service indoor recycling solution for any facility. The flexible recycling stations can be easily adapted for the needs of any facility, and allow for new streams to be moved or added as needed.

Waste management providers specify our bins to their clients as an effective recycling system. They encourage workplaces to adopt the bins as a full circle waste solution.

Case Study

Method bins have continued to prove their ability to help organisations to recycle more and waste less, while creating an efficient system that saves organisations time and money when moving from desk bins to Method bins.

Find out how much time, money and recyclables you can expect to save in our desk bin vs Method case study here.

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Method Recycling Station Uk An example of a UK recycling station

Customer Profile

Samson Corporation have a large privately owned commercial property portfolio, and are at the forefront of some of New Zealand's most sustainable builds.

Celia Wells, their sustainability manager, has managing recycling and waste in their multi-tenanted buildings down to a fine art and reduced their waste to landfill by 50% on average at three of their key sites - find out more.


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