Effective Source Separation with Method Recycling Bins

Method’s Signature 60L Office Recycling Bins effectively help users to source separate waste. This reduces contamination meaning waste management providers are receiving recyclables with a higher value, that require less sorting.

They can be found in facilities around the world including the Sydney Cricket Ground, University of Melbourne, Qantas, Foster + Partners and many more.

Method’s innovative recycling stations close the loop for waste management providers, providing a full service recycling solution for any facility. The flexible recycling stations can be easily adapted for the needs of any facility, and allow for new streams to be added as needed.

Method was founded by husband and wife team Steven and India Korner when they were driving around New Zealand selling generic bins out of the back of a van. They saw businesses that were apathetic about recycling, and those who were trying to recycle but didn’t have the tools to be successful.

Inspired by a passionate cleaner who had developed his own system to stop bin liners hanging out, Method developed a built-in, patented Bag Retainer System. Simple to use, the bag retainer stops the bin liner from hanging out like an untucked shirt, for a sleek finish. This makes the bin easy to empty and reline, and eliminates issues for cleaners when handling them.

Case Study

We visited Flight Plastics, New Zealand’s first onshore recycling facility to see how they are making polyethylene terephthalate (PET) the most common form of plastic into a renewable resource that can be recycled again and again.

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Inside Flight Plastics New Zealand's first on shore recycling facility.
Flight Plastics Recycling Plant Rick Osborne Flight Plastics

Check out our resources for practical advice on establishing a sustainable recycling program and CAD files so you can see what they will look like in your space.

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