Effective Recycling Stations for Commercial Cleaners

Method is a visible, flexible and beautiful recycling solution that can be found in facilities around the world. Including the Sydney Cricket Ground, University of Melbourne, Qantas, Foster + Partners and many more.

The Method system benefits every person in the waste process of a space, including cleaners. Cleaners spend less time servicing bins with communal stations rather than desk bins and the patented Bag Retainer System makes the bins easy, quick and hygienic to change.

We have partnered with Clean Away in Australia as we moved into Australia as they help facilitate the waste needs of businesses. They specify Method bins to clients as they believe in waste as a resource, and source separated waste assists in maintaining the integrity of the materials due to lower levels of contamination.

Three years of research and development went into the design of Method’s signature 60L Office Recycling bin including holding focus groups, preparing prototypes, and assisting cleaners on night-shifts. The built in bag retainer was inspired by a cleaner who had developed his own system for stopping the bin liner from hanging out, maintaining a sleek finish.

Method bins make recycling simple, the colour coded lids and graphics are visually effective at assisting users to separate waste. Methods 60L Recycling Bins form flexible recycling stations that can be adapted to the needs of your space.

Method was founded by husband and wife team Steven and India Korner when they were driving around New Zealand selling generic bins out of the back of a van. They saw businesses that were apathetic about recycling, and those who were trying to recycle but didn’t have the tools to be successful.

With Methods innovative design, bins become a visible statement of your commitment to sustainability, while making users actively consider their recycling behaviour.

Method's beautiful 60L recycling bins diverting waste from landfill at the Sydney Cricket Ground
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Customer Profile

The Sydney Cricket ground attracts over 1.5 million visitors each year, and they believe it is important to demonstrate a positive approach to reducing environmental impact.

“Method bins satisfied the Sydney Cricket Ground’s needs and criteria with the added element of modern design.” - William Konya, Presentation Services Manager.

Find out more about how Method helped the Sydney Cricket ground implement an effective waste separation system for their facility here.


Method pioneered the concept of open plan recycling, introducing communal recycling stations instead of desk bins can save a considerable amount for any organisation.

These and more practical resources can be found on our website to implement an effective recycling solution in your facility.

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Map Your Initiative

Download our Successful Recycling Guide and it will guide you through the process of implementing a successful recycling solution in your workplace. Including;

  • Sharing Our Vision
  • Mapping Your Initiative
  • Implementing Change
  • Assessing, Measuring + Other Methods
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