A thought-leading sports ground diverting more from landfill with Method.

Synonymous with Australia’s history and comprised of the Sydney Cricket Ground and Allianz Stadium, this central sports precinct includes a sports museum, member fitness centre and club facilities.

Nearly 100 sport and concert events attract more than 1.5 million visitors each year. The SCG is undoubtedly a force in terms of entertainment, at the forefront of technology and operational expertise.

But it’s architecturally innovative, too. Each space – built between 1888 and 2017 – has a unique layout design that’s beautiful, effective, and modern.

Method bins satisfied the Sydney Cricket Ground’s needs and criteria with the added element of modern design. They provide the opportunity to start an effective sorting system.

William Konya, Presentation Services Manager.

The Sydney Cricket Ground needed a waste solution robust enough to be able to withstand a hospitality environment. They turned to Method for our creativity when it came to a collaboration on custom design, and our clear, bright waste stream labelling.

“It is important to demonstrate a positive approach to reducing environmental impact,” says William Konya. “The visual element of Method’s bins has been effective in garnering support for the recovery process.”

Method are facilitating the Sydney Cricket Ground Trust with their waste management objectives, helping them separate food organics from mixed recyclables, and to recycle more efficiently.

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