Recycling bins designed for modern spaces

The pressure for organisations to improve their environmental footprint continues to grow and recycling effectively is an easy way for any organisation to make a difference. Method have created a recycling system to optimise recycling in modern spaces - making it easy to do reduce your organisation's environmental impact.

The 60L bins are placed together to form flexible recycling stations that are then located throughout a space. The beautiful bins increase awareness and accountability while becoming a visible statement of your organisation's commitment to recycling and sustainability.

Further, the benefits of a Method system include:

  • Saving time and money with fewer bins and liners to purchase and service when you move from desk bins
  • Reduce the cost of waste disposal as you recycle more, and waste less
  • The bins are made from 50% recycled materials and are fully recyclable so you know you're making a sustainable choice
Method’s beautiful bins allow the sometimes daunting task of having four waste and recycling options to be manageable and scalable across our ever-expanding offices

Shamal Singh - Canva’s Global Office Architect

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Method Station Nz 3 B 0024 An example of a NZ recycling station

Customer Profile

Samson Corporation have a large privately owned commercial property portfolio, and are at the forefront of some of New Zealand's most sustainable builds.

Celia Wells, their sustainability manager, has managing recycling and waste in their multi-tenanted buildings down to a fine art and reduced their waste to landfill by 50% on average at three of their key sites - find out more.

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