Effective Recycling Bins for Councils and Government

Method is a visible, flexible and beautiful recycling solution that can be found in facilities around the world. Including the Sydney Cricket Ground, Qantas, Foster + Partners and many more.

Government agencies and councils are often at the forefront of recycling initiatives, encouraging individuals to incorporate recycling into their homes. So it is important that they are providing effective recycling facilities in their buildings and within community spaces.

Method bins have been incorporated into council and government offices and public venues across Australia and New Zealand; as they visibly assert the sustainability commitment of an organisation, while effectively sorting waste. Showing that they are leading by example and providing the infrastructure for the public.

Method bins make recycling simple, the colour coded lids and graphics are visually effective at assisting users to separate waste. Having designate recycling stations instead of desk bins mean fewer bags used and less liners to change - which can save a significant amount of time and money, read more here.

Palmerston North City Council in New Zealand have seen incredible results in their office, reducing their landfill waste by 62% in three months between September and November 2017.

Method was founded by husband and wife team Steven and India Korner when they were driving around New Zealand selling generic bins out of the back of a van. They saw businesses that were apathetic about recycling, and those who were trying to recycle but didn’t have the tools to be successful.

With their signature 60L Office Recycling Bins Method pioneered the concept of Open Plan Recycling, bringing the recycling stations out in the open, changing the way people interact with waste. Visible recycling bins reinforce accountability, which Method found is a key component for progress. While the patented Bag Retainer system makes bin liners easy to change and maintain a sleek appearance.

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Image2 Method partnered with Mackay council in Australia to help divert more waste from landfill
Case Study

Method have been helping councils in New Zealand and Australia make a visible difference with their waste habits.

“It’s amazing how many people are keen to do the right thing, but if you can’t provide the infrastructure then you won’t be able to get what you want.” - Samantha Battman, Behaviour Change and Education Coordinator, Palmerston North City Council.

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Check out our resources for practical tips on how to start an effective recycling system in your facilities.

Including our Bin Placement Guide for how many bins we suggest for your space and why, or the Desk Bin vs Method Bin case study to see how much you can save in the course of a year with Method recycling stations.

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Download our Successful Recycling Guide and it will guide you through the process of implementing a successful recycling solution in your workplace. Including;

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  • Mapping Your Initiative
  • Implementing Change
  • Assessing, Measuring + Other Methods
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