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Join Us For Plastic Free July

Plastic free July is coming up quickly - have you signed up for the challenge? We have!

Plastic Free July started in 2011 and now millions of people participate around the world to reduce their reliance on single-use plastics. The Plastic Free Foundation has won numerous awards for Plastic Free July as they have helped millions to reduce their reliance on plastic products, send less waste to landfill or incineration and be more aware of their impact. You can find out more or take the challenge here.

We know the concept of a fully plastic free month can seem daunting but we believe in the power of making small, sustainable changes that are still a challenge. This ensures these behaviours stick with you beyond a month. Perhaps, when you’ve adapted to one change you can continue to change additional behaviours in small achievable steps?

We do our best to walk the talk but there’s always areas we can improve on, particularly in our own homes. So the Method marketing team have set goals to improve their personal plastic use on top of what they already do. We’ll keep you updated on our progress so that you can follow along with us. Everyone is starting from somewhere different so here are our personalised goals:

Matt our Marketing Manager is going to:

  • Remember his reusable coffee cup
  • Not purchase any produce in plastic
  • Avoid plastic wrapping (Ie. Clingfilm)

Lee our Marketing Coordinator is going to;

  • Not use any form of soft plastic
  • Not purchase any new plastic homewares
  • Post about #plasticfreejuly on her social media and encourage others to join

Nikolai our Graphic Designer is going to;

  • Avoid soft plastics
  • Remember to carry his reusable coffee cup so he isn’t caught out
Image from i OS 22 Our sustainability kick-starter kit for all new hires at Method

Some easy changes you can make include:

Reusable Coffee Cup

Buy and use a reusable coffee cup, designs have improved significantly and you can purchase cups that’re securely sealed enough to pop in your bag after use without the risk of it leaking. (Enter our competition to win a pair of Frank Green coffee cups here).

Take a Plate

Almost all food outlets will now allow you to bring a container or plate for your lunch. So that you can take it back to your office without the plastic packaging.

Ditch the Plastic Bags

Reusable produce bags are becoming increasingly common so find a set that meets your needs and keep them in your reusable shopping bags so you are never caught without them. Perhaps purchase your bread from a local bakery that packages them in paper instead of plastic.

Invest in Beeswax Wraps

A small investment that will mean you are never short of wrap to keep your food fresh. Cover plates, bowls, produce and even wrap up your sandwich for lunch in one.

Save the Turtles

Request they don’t give you a plastic straw in your next drink. If you find you can’t do without - invest in a bamboo or stainless steel straw and simply pop it in your bag.

Buy in Bulk

This one takes a little planning but reduces soft plastic use significantly - take an empty glass jar or another reusable container to your local fresh grocer and you can purchase common household ingredients in bulk from rice to dishwashing detergent.

I Have Cutlery at Home/ in the Office Thanks

Next time you get takeaways or use a food delivery service ask or leave a note requesting they don’t provide plastic cutlery.

Check out more about #PlasticFreeJuly and more tips and tricks here.

Are you taking the challenge? Let us know on Facebook!

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