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Method Design Values

We often talk about one of our core values at Method being design. But what does that mean?

It is more than just a good looking bin.

We are, before anything else designers. Our co-founders India and Steven Korner founded Method while driving around New Zealand selling generic bins out of the back of a van. They continuously saw businesses that wanted to recycle without the tools necessary to succeed.

Office design has changed dramatically. Gone are the days of cubicles and drab lunch rooms - modern offices feature open plan spaces designed for agile and collaborative work styles. This has been motivated largely by the rapid development of technology and workstyles due to changing opinions about health, wellness and how this is integrated into the design of the workplace.

The couple with backgrounds in product and graphic design, engineering and commercial leasing saw a problem that well thought out design could fix.

Product innovation in our eyes is 1% light bulb moment and 99% of perseverance.

Steven Korner

Prototype2 Method is carefully considered design

Three Years of Research + Design = 1 Award-winning Bin

The Korners set out on a mission, they spent three years researching, designing and prototyping Methods signature 60L Office Recycling Bin. They spoke to all users in a buildings waste system, held focus groups and even helped cleaners on the night shift. All of this allowed them to understand the nuances of how individuals would interact with the bins. The result is a recycling solution that meets the needs of all user groups in a building's waste and recycling - from the management, to cleaners and the waste management providers who collect the waste.

Methods design approach to something as seemingly straightforward as a bin resulted in an award-winning product. The bins are coded with information to change the way individuals interact with their waste in the workplace, while assisting them to accurately separate waste.

Why are Aesthetics Important?

Design thinking is more than a good looking bin, but it is crucial to Methods philosophy of Open Plan Recycling. Hiding bins in cupboards was an increasingly common design choice, as organisations were spending more time and money on making their offices look good. But the Korners recognised how problematic it was for businesses, as it was making it too easy for individuals to put all of their waste into one bin, particularly as recycling bins were harder to find. The Method bins are designed to fit in with modern aesthetics, with sleek lines and bold colours to look good out in the open. While the patented Bag Retainer System hides the bin liners from sight, and making the bins hygienic and quick to service.

Designer bins for your office?

Are you ready to give your workplace waste and recycling system a makeover? Get in touch here to find out how we can help you to recycle more, and waste less.


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