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How much do recycling rates increase? Desk bins vs Method bins

Method’s beautiful bins are designed to help organisations to recycle more and waste less. So just how much can an organisation expect to recycle by switching from desk bins to shared Method bins?

We have close relationships with a lot of our customers and we’re lucky they share their waste and recycling back with us; so we’ve been able to keep an eye on how effective our products are. With the help of some of our key clients, we’ve even updated the design of existing and new products.

We’ve found that on average, organisations increase recycling rates by 30-40% when they move from desk bins to a Method system.

For example:

Below is an example of a company that has 110 staff in a 15,000sqf office over 240 workdays. This company would have three Method Recycling stations - one station per every 37 people/5000sqf.

Method vs deskbins 07

In addition, moving from desk bins to Method bins organisations send substantially fewer liners to landfill. Moving from 240 desk bins to 15 Method bins this is 22,800 fewer liners or over 680 kilos of soft plastics.

Method vs deskbins 08

Given the data we have acquired and the average waste created by an individual worker, we estimate that Method bins helped organisations to divert 96 million kilos of waste from landfill in FY2019 alone.

Ready to improve recycling rates in your workplace?

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