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Method Profile: Meet Katie, Our New UK Country Manager

Katie Cannon Headshot 1 Katie has recently joined Method as the UK Country Manager, tasked with developing our team and building a customer base that strengthens and shapes Method’s strategic future in the UK. She joins us from a series of commercial roles at Sugru having previously completed an MBA at the London Business School.
How did you come to your role at Method?

I saw the role on LinkedIn and was drawn to the results and impact the product had already generated in New Zealand and Australia. It definitely wasn’t a surprise that they’d been pulled into the UK by customers who were looking for help. There’s a lot of work to do here so it’s an exciting time to get on board.

Who or what has motivated you to get to this stage in your career?

I have just spent 7 years working in a rapidly growing business which was recently sold to a major German manufacturer. They have the resources to propel the product to even greater heights. So I’ve been lucky enough to experience the intense challenges of scaling a modern business driven by eCommerce and global social media tools, working closely with the founder and investor base and growing the team. It’s such a privilege being involved in the early days of a burgeoning company, with a product I believe in.

Further back, a great point of reference for me is a business that my Grandfather founded in the late ‘50s that is still trading today. We’re in the process of transitioning the leadership from generation 2 to 3 - a testament to how patience, shared ambition, and a commitment to core competencies, customers and staff are the tools needed to build longevity.

What has surprised you most since joining Method?

Honestly, that there are companies not taking action in the recycling space! It’s not our job to shame them, or to scare them with the size of the task ahead, but hopefully, if they are open to having a conversation we can show them the Method way. How something as humble as the bins, when redesigned for use and engagement, can have an enormous impact.

Image from i OS 28 Katie (in the centre) passionately talking about Method at a recent trade show
What are you most excited about for your future with Method in the UK?

The opportunity to work with our clients - we have the products, partnerships and expertise to start walking the long road to behaviour change around the UK. Method has the opportunity to make a real impact.

What will success with Method look like for you?

Happy team, happy customers and happy owners - it’s that simple.

Do you have any advice for leaders that want to make a visible difference to their organisation's sustainability practices?

Let your staff share in your ambition and help you get there. The more a workforce can co-own their targets the better it sets expectations, changes behaviours and delivers results - among the leadership, among colleagues, with the cleaning crew, even your customers!

Where do you see the future of waste management?

Clear, considered and consistent recycling practices. Here in the UK there is currently a fundamental disconnect between what waste streams organisations are generating and sorting and the collection cycles they’re locked into. Hopefully, we are rapidly working towards a business model that truly rewards source separation and a multistream approach - for all parties. We are certainly building partnerships to tackle these issues head-on, and we’ll continue to get more organisations onboard.

Are you ready to start your journey with Method?

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