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Recycling poster ideas

Method have standard poster templates available that are a great educational tool for your team.

If you find that there are particular waste streams in your workplace that are frequently misunderstood or contaminated, Method can apply vinyl adhesives to the front of your bins which clearly define the recyclables that go into each waste stream.

Contact us here if you would like to discuss these opportunities.

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How do I get my team on board with my recycling initiative?

Here’s how to run a successful recycling oriented internal communications campaign:

Be organised

Make sure your calendar is up to date and that you’re promoting your recycling initiative before the recycling bins have made it to your premises. This way, excitement and anticipation will build surrounding what you’re trying to achieve.

Find your identity

What will your Tone of Voice be? Consistency is key when it comes to the branding of your internal communications. Find your identity, think about who you’re targeting, and stick to it.

Make a Green Team

Assemble a team (or teams) of sustainability advocates in your workplace who will help you maintain and monitor the success of your campaign. Ensure your Green Team are located near to where the recycling bins will be, identifying them as points of call should others have questions or need help with recycling.

Let’s break this down even further into four simple stages:

Having deciphered what your brand identity will be, let your colleagues know your recycling bins are coming soon, where they’ll be within your workplace and offer an incentive for using them.

  1. Inform your team on how to avoid contamination by educating them on which recyclables need to go in which waste stream with Method posters mentioned in the previous section. This could be a great time to start looking for your Green Team.
  2. When the arrival of your bins is imminent, organise informational workshops or displays that will highlight why people should be reducing their waste. It’s time now to select your Green Team and site champions – for example, this could be your procurement manager, facility manager, or your workplace's sustainability advocates.
  3. Ensure to ask for feedback within your internal communications campaign. This will make it simple for colleagues to voice any issues they might be having with your new system.
  4. If you’ve beaten the targets you set out for your workplace, it’s time to make new ones. Other options for this stage include organising events to inspire staff, or a monthly newsletter featuring updates, tips and tricks for recycling.
How do I get my tenants on board with my recycling initiative?

Implementing recycling systems in multi-tenanted offices can be a challenge.

Organise a meeting with the tenants in your building to plan your project. You will also need to consider the education that will be required once your system has been implemented.

  • Can you choose a sustainability advocate who will champion your mission and work with other tenants to get the best results?

  • Can you build a team who will meet on a consistent basis to analyse how your recycling initiative is performing?

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