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How to go waste-free with your office lunch

Waste-free lunches are a simple way to get your employees talking and considering their waste. But where do we begin?

Reusable food containers

Start by phasing out single-use plastic and polystyrene such as takeaway lunch containers, cutlery, plates and disposable drink containers as they are difficult, if not impossible, to recycle. Introducing reusable container use is a sure-fire way to inspire behaviour change.

Reusable water bottles

Plastic water bottles must be removed from your office for the day in order to be waste-free. This ban can be made easier by instead encouraging employees to use water fountains or reusable bottles.

Reusable coffee cups

If you’re heading out of the office for a coffee, use a reusable cup - we recommend our customer KeepCup’s colourful and bold designs. If you’re having a cafe lunch without recycling facilities, take your recycling back to your office, rinse it, and place it in the relevant office recycling bin. Ensure you pick local lunch spots that provide commercially compostable takeaway packaging.

Going waste-free for good

Going waste-free for could turn into a regular waste-free day that occurs every week, where you arrange for the proper composting, recycling and disposal services. Here you can prominently display your recycling bins throughout your facility, and even allocate a sustainability team to keep others in check.

It’s easy to have a waste-free lunch: make sure this is the week you implement it.

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