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Workplace Design Trends 2018

Workplace design has transformed over the years and it is striking just how much can change over the course of a year. We take a look at some of the biggest workplace trends of 2018.

Open Plan Walls

Open-plan offices are the new normal, however, offices often still require separators to break up space for different purposes. In 2018 there has been an increasing trend away from walls, and towards decorative solutions that add more to the decor. Such as open wooden beams, or walls of pot plants.

Image From I Os 3 Morphos Interior Design's plant divider in Sydney

Break out spaces

There has been a growing trend in workplaces focusing on the mental health and wellbeing of their staff. Break out spaces are common in open-plan offices however their design and purpose is changing. They are moving towards areas for people to meditate or practice mindfulness, with bean bags and colourful spaces, instead of areas to socialise or take their lunch break.

Reward Gateway Reward Gateway cafe area - a beautiful, relaxing space away from a traditional office setting.

Hot Desking

As the focus grows on flexible working continues to grow organisations are moving away from assigned desks and towards flexible work areas. Commonly known as hot desking or activity-based working this means that employees are able to move to appropriate spaces to complete their work. This is also attractive for businesses as it reduces the size required and eliminates empty desks as people are more inclined to work remotely.

Biophilic Design

Biophilic design is essentially bringing elements of the natural world into the built environment. This is achieved through the use of patterns, natural light and plants. However, it is more than a single pot plant in the corner, it has rapidly expanded to include expansive amounts of greenery.

Living walls are increasing in popularity, such as a wall covered in moss as a natural indoor installation that is easy to maintain. Natural elements are being introduced as improved lighting and natural elements are believed to reduce stress and improve air quality, which then lowers absenteeism and increased productivity.

Google Office Biophilic Design Google's Dublin office with biophilic design floor to ceiling

Co-working Spaces

We are seeing the rise of co-working spaces, particularly in areas like London, and some specialists believe that they will soon eclipse modern offices. Co-working spaces were originally popular with tech companies and start-ups as they encourage collaboration and the transfer of knowledge within a community.

However, larger organisations have started to move into co-working spaces. With the growing focus on workplace design, co-working spaces make it simple for a business to provide top quality facilities with no effort. It also places larger organisations closer to innovators, clients and talent, companies such as Microsoft are currently testing co-working spaces. They also allow for the flexibility of the workforce who are no longer conforming to the 9 to 5 work schedule.

Tog The Office Group manage a large number of office spaces and co-working spaces in London, Bristol and Leeds

People are Number One

One trend that seems to be a consistent factor in how workplace design is developing is the importance placed on people. The way people work and develop talent has changed dramatically and businesses are adapting to the needs of the rising workforce. This could be due in part to both concerns around talent shortages and the focus younger generations place on workplace design, and the health benefits of an office that facilitates a healthy approach to work.

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