Design works best when driven by a purpose.

With the aim of redesigning waste came our award-winning, carefully crafted, and made to last 60L Office Recycling Bin.

Extensive research was only the beginning. Analysing office design trends, our co-founders India and Steven Korner saw sustainable practices and vibrant, activity-based working becoming increasingly popular in modern workplaces.

To begin, the Korners mapped out the waste streams of influential businesses, facilities, government departments and more. They organised focus groups and created affinity maps from customer insights, piecing together the values of different customer personas and further streamlining their product objectives to complement the needs and values of stakeholders.


Steven even helped with a night-shift at a commercial cleaning outfit to further understand the process. One cleaner was particularly committed to his craft – he had developed a technique of twisting and folding back bin liners to hold them in place. This would inspire our co-founder to design the defining feature of Method’s beautiful bin, our patented Bag Retainer System engineered to make bin liners invisible.

Thanks to our consultative process, colour-coded lids, and innovative design, Method’s first line fully sold out pre-production.

We’ve since designed more products and added more options developed from customer feedback and insights, always striving to be the solution that’s needed.

Every aspect of our Method recycling system has been carefully considered to make it the most efficient and user-friendly design for your workplace.


Make recycling work for you