Simple and Painless Tips for a More Sustainable Christmas

Tis the season to Have a Sustainable Christmas

Christmas is an important time of the year for most, filled with good people, food and presents. However, it is also a time of year associated with increased waste. Read below for some easy tips on how to have a more sustainable Christmas without ruining the fun.

Shop Mindfully

We encourage you to consider the lifetime of the gifts you buy and whether there is a more sustainable option.

  • Can you replace the small plastic toys that we often use as stocking stuffers with wooden toys or simply buy less?
  • Gift an experience, such as concert tickets?
  • Take the opportunity to gift a sustainability starter pack? Purchase a premade kit or make your own with reusable produce bags, beeswax alternatives to glad wrap etc
  • Shop locally made - supporting local businesses while saving on packaging and postage
  • Support businesses already doing good, we have named a few below

Wrapping Paper Alternatives

Consider how much paper we go through every year as a country. Think about reusing other products to wrap your gifts in, that can be just as beautiful. Such as; clean paper bags, old maps, used posters, material, newspaper, or wrap it in a beeswax food wrap.

If you do choose to use paper avoid the foil and cellophane options as these are not as easily recycled.

Eat More - Waste Less

We all indulge over the holidays, unfortunately, this can lead to excess waste. Consider purchasing food loose, using reusable bags, avoid cooking excess food and finding creative ways to use leftovers. Where possible compost any organic waste that you do have.


While we hope you always recycle at home, at this time of year we are producing the most waste. So recycle wherever possible and avoid the use of single-use items, such as plastic plates and cutlery.

Save Power

Christmas lights evoke a strong sense of Christmas but they aren’t effective during the day or overnight, consider putting them on a timer or only using them when you are in the room.

Living Christmas Tree Lr Wm Cropped Living Christmas trees by growing a greener world

Recycle Your Tree

Have you ever considered a living tree? A living tree is potted or in a burlap sack meaning it can provide the beautiful pine scent and live through your family memories for years to come. This reduces the need for trees to be cut down for short-term decoration.

However, if you do go for a cut tree be sure to recycle it, most councils provide free Christmas tree recycling, get in touch with your local authority and see if there is a collection point for your used tree.

Brands We Love

  • Ethique - beautiful, plastic-free personal products
  • Allbirds - the ultimate in comfortable shoes with a sustainable backbone
  • Thunderpants - if you are going to buy your father underwear, make it the fair trade choice
  • Ecobella - beautiful sustainable gifts and living
  • 4ocean - a gift that does good, every bracelet purchased is one pound of plastic removed from the ocean
  • Earthsavy - stock up on reusable products to make 2018 the most sustainable year yet
  • Wearth London - a UK marketplace for sustainable independent brands, a one-stop shop

There are so many more, let us know your favourite organisation making sustainable gifts on facebook here.

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