Redesigning the Future of the UK - The Design Council

At the core of who we are here at Method is the belief that design has the power to make a visible difference to larger societal issues. So we were thrilled when the Design Council were early adopters of our bins in the UK.

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Since 1944 they have been the leading, independent and trusted authority on how to use design principles to improve processes, products and places in the UK. Using the power of design to tackle some of the biggest challenges we’ve faced, proving the power of design time and time again.

The Design Council was created by Winston Churchill’s government to rebuild the economy while still in the midst of World War II. Since when the Design Council has continued to set the stage for human-centred design in the UK and the implications it has for making life better for everyone. Creating and helping others to create inclusive environments, revitalising the built environment and the future of housing in the UK and even redesigning the experience for later life.

Great innovation is the beating heart of the UK economy, designing our future through world leading products that not only change lives but break new ground, build businesses, jobs, and grow the UK economy.

Sarah Weir OBE, Chief Executive, Design Council

The power of design to make meaningful change to larger societal issues is limitless. So we’re not surprised the Design Council believed in the power of the designer bins to make a difference to the recycling behaviours in their space. Implementing the bins to encourage better recycling rates they’ve seen significant changes to plastic recycling and the identification and collection of organics in the workplace.

Are you ready to redesign recycling in your workplace

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