What is a Precycler?

The success of Method's system is seen as recycling becomes easier than waste with the removal of desk bins and the presence of communal recycling stations. The nearest station should be a mere 10-second walk from any desk.

But sometimes this can elicit groans from those who have grown attached to the convenience of their desk bin. We once heard someone found a desk bin and chained it to their desk! We get it, some people aren’t a fan of change.

Enter: Method’s Precyclers.

I Nstu The dream team, Method's Precyclers for paper, recyclables and waste

The Precyclers are temporary desktop storage for paper, and waste and recycling. Placed together they are a way to encourage people to separate waste at their desk. While also meaning they don’t have to get up every time they have a scrap piece of paper. They can then be easily emptied into the nearest communal station.

Not just for those overly attached to their desk bin they are a good-looking tool that makes life a little more convenient. They form an important part of the Method system as a whole, particularly in office settings.

They are easily assembled and disassembled with button tabs and are dishwasher safe, so that you don’t need to line them.

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