The Material Breakdown

Method Sixty: 50% recycled materials from Christchurch

Method Twenty: 80% recycled materials from Whanganui/ Manawatu

Made from Polypropylene #5: A durable and safe material that is fully recyclable

Injection Moulded: For a water-tight bin to avoid any spills

Sourcing: Locally obtained from post-consumer and post-industrial sources

Why Polypropylene?

80% of a product's environmental impact is decided at the design stage

While the end of life is important, it’s also about designing a product that is built for purpose. So when selecting the materials for Method Bins, co-founders Steven and India Korner were looking for strength, durability, recyclability, and a beautiful matte finish. Polypropylene fits the bill:

Strength and Durability: PP's resilience against fatigue and heat makes it ideal for the demanding environments of modern workplaces.

Environmental Compatibility: With minimal off-gassing and toxicity, PP is widely used in sensitive applications like medical and food packaging.

Recyclability: PP remains fully recyclable, aligning with our vision of a sustainable product lifecycle.

Materials Market: While all plastics are technically “recyclable”, not all are economically viable. PP stands out for maintaining its value in the recycling market, ensuring our bins are not just recyclable in theory but in practice too.

We’re confident our bins are designed for purpose, so we provide a 5-year warranty for all of our bins.

Where do our materials come from?

Any manufacturer should be transparent about materials, especially when claiming recycled materials. Click here to view the materials declarations from our contract manufacturers, Talbot and Axiam, on the quantity of recycled materials utilised in our bins.

Recycled Materials Some of the materials that can be recycled into Method Bins at Aotearoa NZ Made

The recycled materials we currently use are all sourced locally by our manufacturers, including the curbside collections in the Manawatu, post-industrial sources in Christchurch, and some from our friends at Aotearoa NZ Made. These materials depend on the market but often include:

  • 1 Litre yoghurt containers
  • 2 Litre ice cream containers
  • Car bumpers
  • Buckets
  • Car wheel covers
  • Infant formula lids
Recycled Materials Chipped down Recycled Polypropylene ready to go into a Method Bin

Bin Take-Back Program

Our commitment extends beyond the product's useful life:

Repair: Our customer support team is always ready to assist with any issues.

Refurbish & Donate: If usable bins are no longer needed, they can be returned. They’re given a new life through refurbishment and donations to local charities.

Onshore Recycling: End-of-life bins are recycled locally, ensuring materials are repurposed effectively.

5 Year Warranty wide alt

Method's End-of-life Bin Return Program

We work to maximise the useful life of the materials, and manage recycling locally.

Learn more here.

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