A flexible recycling system

Adaptable recycling stations spaces that move or grow as your needs change. Reimagined waste stream colours that complement your aesthetic, while meeting New Zealand industry requirements.

Recycling and waste becomes simple

Using consistent bins with clear and colourful icons to enable better separation

Recycling for every space

The Method Twenty is designed for smaller shared spaces such as boardrooms, kitchenettes, studios or any space you'd find a lone general waste bin. This creates a consistent recycling system across your space to make recycling an unconscious habit.


285 x 285 x 400 mm

Dimensions (w x d x h)



Made from 80% recycled materials

Made from polypropylene which is fully recyclable (including 80% recycled materials)


Specifications :

20L capacity per bin
Designed + made in New Zealand
Made from Polypropylene - fully recyclable
Black components - 100% recycled materials

Reduce waste and liners

In addition to increasing recycling rates, the Method Twenty can help you to reduce the need for liners. It's designed with an in built easy-grip handle to make them easy to empty into a larger bin without having to change the liner.

Ready for a new recycling Method?

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