Introducing Method InSight - NABERS Waste Rating Data Solution

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Watch: Method InSight can help your organisation attain industry-leading certifications.

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World-Leading Waste Data

Achieve industry-leading green building certifications with InSight – boost your business value and meet your waste management goals.

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InSight Helps Attain Green Certifications

InSight provides clear, accurate, and timely waste management data and reporting tools, that make satisfying requirements for green accreditations simple. InSight data is NABERS-compliant and in the process of acquiring further green building certifications. Better yet, Method's Waste Success team are there to help you interpret and action the powerful data to achieve higher levels of waste diversion and reduction.

Why Green Certifications Matter

Enhance Business Value

High-performing buildings support high performing business. Green building certifications help attract higher value tenants who are willing to pay for premium features. Research from the World Green Building Council found that tenants with cleaner, greener, and healthier workplaces have improved productivity and job satisfaction.

Lower Operating Costs

Investing in systems to become green building certified is worth the upfront investment over the long term. Employing systems that run more efficiently can significantly reduce operating costs. Reliable waste data from InSight can help you better understand your waste management costs and where they can be cut.

Increased employee satisfaction

Adopting sustainable practices can improve employee morale and satisfaction, as many employees are passionate about environmental issues and want to work for companies that share their values. A certification is a great way to demonstrate impact and commitment to values.

Green Innovation

Pursuing green certifications can inspire innovation and creativity, as businesses seek new and more sustainable ways of operating and delivering their products and services. Once certified you have access to a whole new world of information.

Secure Third-Party Data

InSight’s data is independent, meaning that data cannot be manipulated or modified by an organisation using the software. This ensures that only accurate and reliable information is reported. Data is transferred over a secure cellular network with enhanced internet security protocols.

NABERS Data-Compliant

InSight is an approved data provider for NABERS Waste Ratings – a respected green-building industry certification. Featuring granular bin-by-bin data with automated cloud-based reporting metrics, InSight’s world-leading data collection technology makes meeting ESG requirements and certifications more simple, efficient and accurate than ever before.

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Expert guidance

InSight is designed to provide your organisation with the tools, data access, and expert guidance you need to reach your waste goals. From dynamic dashboards and gamification features to customisable signage at bin stations and recycling resources, InSight can help drive climate action in your workplace.

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InSight Tech

Accurate weight sensors collect bin-by-bin data, that is analysed in the cloud and converted into meaningful information about your organisation’s waste trends. Method InSight provides a detailed overview of your organisation’s waste in near real-time.

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Data Visualisation & Reporting

InSight’s analytics portal makes it easy to understand trends, problem areas and waste diversion wins. Dynamic dashboards allow you to dive deep into bin-by-bin data or zoom out to view waste across different teams, stations, floors, buildings or countries.

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