Recycling is complicated, and we’re here to help!

After 5 years, we’ve learnt a lot about the complex nature of workplace recycling. We’ve realised it takes a system mindset; creating a consistent, responsive and carefully evolving product family that considers the needs of all stakeholders. Meet the Method System, a family of products designed to drive recycling results.

We believe that considered design has the power to make a change to workplace behaviours. That's why our bins are designed to help each person involved in the workplace recycling and waste system of a building. That's why every aspect of each Method product is designed with consideration. For example, the bins are made from injection moulded Polypropylene so they are sturdy, durable, leak-free, are fully recyclable and are going to last you a long time.

Our philosophy is revolutionary for office recycling

Re-thinking how modern offices work has reshaped how they’re designed – from our desks, to our kitchens, to the power we use. Yet decisions about waste have long been neglected until the final hour, leading to systems that are inconsistent with your aesthetic or hidden away from sight.

The Method System is designed to maximise efficiency while having an impact, because for a solution to be truly sustainable it needs to be financially viable, as well as impacting your recycling rates.

With Method, recycling becomes part of the furniture – visibly out in the open, beautiful and considered. We recommend having one 60L recycling station per every 30-50 employees so that every worker is less than a ten-second walk from recycling bins. This is the optimal way for your office to become more active and more engaged.

The 20L bins are designed for smaller shared spaces such as the boardroom, studios, kitchenettes or anywhere you'd find a lone general waste bin. To create a consistent system throughout your space and making sure recycling is available in every space.

Catch 20 L NZ 5

To maximise efficiency with your recycling solution it’s imperative to understand the flow of your space and your employees. Enhance the success of your recycling bins by placing them where they’ll naturally be used – your Organics bin could be beside your coffee machine, your Paper recycling bin by the printer, and your freestanding stations where they’ll be most noticed.

By removing desk bins, lone general waste bins and bins that are hidden in cupboards and replacing them with communal 60L and 20L bin recycling stations you can save time, money and recyclables. For example, moving from individual desk bins to communal stations you reduce the number of liners you need to purchase and service by up to 90%.


Make recycling work for you