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Save your business time and money with less bins and fewer liners to service, inspire employees towards collective action, and stay sustainable as your floor-plan changes.

An effective, flexible and beautiful solution for the workplaces of the future.

Our philosophy is revolutionary for office recycling

The principles

Open plan and agile workspaces have eclipsed closed offices and cubicles.

Re-thinking how modern offices work has reshaped how they’re designed – from our desks, to our kitchens, to the power we use. Yet decisions about waste have long been neglected until the final hour, leading to systems that are inconsistent with your aesthetic or hidden away from sight.

With Open Plan Recycling, recycling becomes part of the furniture – visibly out in the open, beautiful and considered. We recommend having one recycling station per every 30-50 employees, so that every worker is less than a ten second walk from recycling bins. This is the optimal way for your office to become more active and more engaged.

To maximise efficiency with your recycling solution it’s imperative to understand the flow of your space and your employees. Enhance the success of your recycling bins by placing them where they’ll naturally be used – your Organics bin could be beside your coffee machine, your Paper recycling bin by the printer, and your freestanding stations where they’ll be most noticed.

Products that change behaviours

Visible recycling bins reinforce accountability, which we’ve found is a key component for progress. When people know they’re being watched, even subconsciously, they tend to take more thought over their decisions and are more likely to sort their waste accurately.

Precyclers are a short term solution for your desk that hold waste and recycling before they reach your recycling station. They eradicate the need for individual desk bins and make Open Plan Recycling more effective.

Open Plan2

Every step considered

Method’s modern recycling philosophy benefits every person involved in the waste process of your business – from cleaners, to management, employees and waste service providers.

Cleaners save time servicing communal recycling stations rather than individual desk bins.

Management can assert their corporate sustainability goals visibly and effectively through beautiful recycling bins out in the open.

Employees are motivated to change their behaviours at work and subsequently at home, united by a larger purpose.

Waste service providers will receive waste that has been accurately sorted at source.

Visual statement of sustainability

As a society we’re becoming more ethical with our consumption, with more people actively buying from environmentally and socially responsible businesses than ever before.

Open Plan Recycling is a great way to show your commitment to environmental initiatives in order to attract customers and increase profits. Our system can be simply integrated into a pre-existing office, or architecturally designed into future floor-plans to complement modern working styles in an open plan layout.

Flexible for the future

The world can change in a second, and so too can offices. We never know what may happen, which is why modular recycling stations are the best long-lasting solution. Whether it’s having the ability to simply introduce a new waste stream because of changing regulations, or procuring Open lids to suit your new high-flow environment.

Just as open plan offices give you flexibility in how you work, Open Plan Recycling gives you flexibility in how you recycle.

Recycling should be out in the open plan.


Make recycling work for you