Watch: Introducing The Method Recycling System

Method began with the 60L bin and the concept of Open Plan Recycling. But the more we interact with amazing organisations trying to make a difference, we have continued to see how our single product has expanded into a system. A family of products that work together to make a consistent and responsive solution for the modern workplace.

As always, Method believes effective recycling takes beautiful products developed through a human-centred design process. Products that draw users in and spark conversations. It takes a clear colour-coding system. It takes accessories to hold a station together, and signage to help with user education. Most recently, we developed and launched a smaller bin – the Method Twenty – so that there is a beautiful recycling solution for every space. But more than products, recycling takes a system mindset, it takes the commitment of an organisation to make a difference.

Catch 20 L NZ 10

We know that the solo under-desk bin provided only to maximise convenience can negatively impact a workplace’s recycling rate. We have also seen that spaces like meeting rooms can often be forgotten within a recycling system too, also hurting recycling outcomes. This ‘madness’, as we’ve coined it, needs a Method!


More broadly, of course, an effective recycling system continues out beyond the workplace interior to include cleaning teams, waste collection partners and requires robust recycling infrastructure at the country level.

Effective recycling takes more than any one bin – it takes a system – and as we move into 2020 we’re excited to continue our journey to help organisations to make a visible difference. As well as, continuing to carefully evolve our family of products on our shared learnings.

Because, after all, as our co-founder and CEO Steven Korner always says ‘our customer's victories, are our victories; you can’t separate the two.’

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