☑️ Weight sensors under every bin for granular insights

☑️ Accurate within 100 grams

☑️ Near real time data, updated hourly

☑️ Automatic weight collection - no manual handling

☑️ Analyse & report across all of your business locations

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Early InSight customer PwC NZ's CIO and Corporate Sustainability Lead Rebecca Thomas said “As a data driven organisation, being able to measure waste is fundamental to supporting the aspirations of our staff to reduce waste. Technology is a critical enabler of this.”

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How InSight Collects and Visualises Waste Data

Bin-by-bin sensors

InSight’s battery-powered sensors placed under 60L Method bins collect weight data and convert it into meaningful and actionable information.

Near-real-time data

Each hour, bin-by-bin data is sent to the InSight portal over a secure cellular network to provide a detailed overview of your organisation’s waste in near-real-time.

Report on all business locations

Dive deep into bin-by-bin, hour-by-hour data or zoom out to view waste data across different teams, tenants, stations, floors, buildings or countries.

Automated reporting

InSight’s analytics portal makes it easy to understand trends, problem areas and waste diversion wins. Data can also be shared with staff via a team-facing dashboard.

Personalised expert advice

Ongoing support from Method's Waste Success Team will help you interpret and leverage your InSight data, so that you can achieve your waste goals.

The InSight Tech

Accurate weight sensors collect bin-by-bin data, that is analysed in the cloud and converted into meaningful information about your organisation’s waste trends. Method InSight provides a detailed overview of your organisation’s waste in near real-time.

Clear Data Visualisation

Dig into your organisation's waste data in the InSight analytics portal - understand trends, problem areas and waste diversion wins. The dynamic dashboards allow you to dive deep into bin-by-bin data or zoom out to view waste across different teams, stations, floors, buildings or countries. Data can be shared with staff via a digital display near the bin station, or online.

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Expert guidance to achieve your waste goals

InSight is designed to provide your organisation with the tools, data access, and expert guidance you need to reach your waste goals. From dynamic dashboards and gamification features to customisable signage at bin stations and recycling resources, InSight can help drive climate action in your workplace.

Achieve Sustainability Certifications

Green building certifications can provide value to your organisation, increase revenue and decrease costs. InSight provides clear, accurate, and timely waste management data and reporting tools, that make satisfying requirements for green accreditations easy. Method InSight are NABERS-compliant and in the process of acquiring further green building certifications.

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Bins with brains: Microsoft’s Method to achieve zero waste

When Microsoft announced a Zero Waste by 2030 goal, they knew there would be a lot of work ahead to meet that target. Microsoft employed the use of InSight technology, and Method’s Waste Success team, to accurately track their waste data and make sustainable change with phenomenal results.

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